Working Groups

The online working space will be opened soon.

• Technical collaboration
Technical issues including the pilot facilities, the (SMEs) facility users and EPPN user access, establish links with other EC project clusters in order to help addressing joint pilot facilities development issues such as safety, modelling, characterisation, standards etc. The WG is addressing particular pilot facilities, digital platform and pilot facilities end users, RTOs.

• Market and finance intelligence
Collecting and providing commercial and market information and guidance to the pilot production operations and user cases. This WG is addressing Large Enterprises, SMEs, users of pilot lines
services, investors, European, national and regional government and finance institutions.

• Training and dissemination
Facilitating and organising training activities by using resources available within the beneficiaries and other (EC) funded services in order to promote pilot lines’ products and services. This WG is addressing: pilot lines, marketing agencies, training suppliers, networks, clusters.

• Policy and regions
Focusing mainly on contacts to regional decision makers and innovation offices that can help to explore synergies in the regional innovation needs and activities. This WG is addressing pilot lines and end users, national and regional authorities and agencies, scientific and regulatory services.

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